Destination PAROS in Cyclades, Greece

Simplicity and beauty shine brightly on this beautiful island. Looking around at the hills and villages, we feel as if a great modern artist outlined them, with slopes and inclines illustrating the poetic design. Paros radiates the light of the sun and reflects the beauty of the deep blue sea.

The wind, the creative conductor and postman of sound, on land and at sea, carries the music from the hills to the valleys, from the reeds in the wetlands to the narrow cobblestone streets of the villages. Every beach has its own unique sound and music.

A festival of fragrances is put on by the bushes, sage, oregano, rosemary, laurel, thyme, chamomile, reeds and the lilies of the sea... the seaweed on the beaches, with a strong aroma of sea iodine.
Delicious aromas abound: freshly baked bread, chickpeas in the oven, octopus on the grill, freshly pressed wine...

Relax and appreciate the caresses of the sun, wind, sea and sand. Touch and feel the energy of the island.

People are hospitable, born from the sea, the earth, the salt, who know how to cope with the difficulties of life and appreciate every modernism that respects the land and their values. They invest in development, while holding their history, traditions and culture in the highest esteem. The older generations offered and created. The younger ones worked, maintained, studied and returned to support their island with their knowledge and experience.

Paros Map