The following are just some of the most common Services that we offer. If you need any additional service, assistance or information regarding your Charter, please contact us.


If you are uncertain as to which yacht to choose, our eperienced and friendly Staff is here to help you choose the right Yacht according to your demands and -of course- at the best price possible!

We can also advise you of all the preparations necessary prior to your departure and -should you request so- carry out some of these on your behalf -ie provisioning the yacht.


Coming to a foreign country can be sometimes tricky to find your way around from the airport to the marina. We offer on demand transportation to the yacht and back to the airport at a zero to very small charge. A variety of vehicles are available such as Taxis, mini Busses or Limousines.

In case you need transportation, please counsult our Staff

Airline tickets issue

We can have the airline tickets issued on your behalf, to help save you the time! If you would like us to issue your tickets, please inform our representative.

During your trip

If you need assistance during your trip, we are constantly available to you to help resolve the issue! Please don't hesitate to contact us with your concerns.